Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Europe 2007 - Introduction

These posts tell the story of our trip from Richmond, VA to Rhode Island to France, across northern Italy, down to Rome, along the Riviera to Provence, then onward to the Netherlands in September of 2007.

It all started the day my son Edward and his fiancee Alicia asked me (Ed) and my wife (Kathy) to accompany them on their honeymoon to Europe.

"Are you sure?" we asked incredulously.


That was enough for us.

They married in a beautiful ceremony on a beach in Middletown, RI, and three days later we began our adventure.

Newport is my home town, and most of my family lives in the RI/MA area, so an event like this which takes us temporarily from our retirement home in the Studley area of Hanover county Virginia, is welcome.

We begin:

Well, today is the day. Our new daughter in law Alicia is very organized. She has written most of her thank you cards and they sit on the kitchen table ready to be mailed. We are doing our laundry here and I’m sitting out in the back yard under a cloudy sky, but the air is mild.

The kids seem ready to go having shut off their cell phones and computers and ready for vacation. I met Edward's twin brother Adam for coffee this morning and he told me that after we left last night our grandkids were sad. Jami (our youngest granddaughter) was crying, wishing that we lived closer. Sweet kids. Kat is inside clearing up a few last minute things, sending flowers to her mom, getting AT&T access codes from Europe for our calling card, etc.

Spending time in Newport (God's country) has been good, reminding me that living on an island has it's ups and downs, like trying to find another battery for our camera, with no Best Buy or Circuit City nearby.

Off to Boston in a couple of hours. Last I checked Phil Specter's jury was deadlocked 7-5. Unbelievable. LA Justice, no doubt.

Yesterday was a very enjoyable day, spent with family. We had a nice lunch with Ed & Alicia, Kristin (Adam's wife) and Jonathan (their youngest child) at Gold’s Wood Grille in Middletown. The food was excellent, the atmosphere friendly and free deserts for us, as they are one of Ed’s good customers. We headed off to Little Compton to “help” the kids with their homework and had a fun time. Ed brought Zach and Taylor (his two children) over and we had take out dinner from Evelyn’s in Tiverton, including two $25 lobster rolls. The kids enjoyed those.

Speaking of family this is probably a good place to have a picture of the two of us, plus the 3 kids, their spouses and the 8 grandchildren. If their picture is on this blog it might encourage them to read it. Maybe.

Kat’s mom, (who lives in Richmond, Va. and had hurt her shoulder in a fall) did contact her doctor in Palmyra (Dr. Moore) and she will find out about Visiting Nurses in Richmond. Rick (Kathy's brother) and his friend Paulette have been helping a lot.

For the record: Most of the text is directly from a journal that I keep as I travel. Most italicized entries were added as this blog is written. Most of the pictures were taken by us, however some (i.e. the Desire - Lady and the Unicorn tapestry, Renoir's Moulin de la Galette, Renoux' Place Furstenburg, the cover of John Berendt's book "The City of Fallen Angels. Van Gogh's "The Potato Eaters", Johannes Vermeer: "View of Delft" and "The Girl with the Pearl Earring", the interior of the Teatro Fenice) were found on public sources.

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