Sunday, March 6, 2011

Board Feet to Bed Feet

Not all travels require planes, boats, or trains, and a recent call from my brother Rich set me on a short walking journey to my wood shop. He asked if I would be interested in turning some replacement legs for a bed that his son Zachary had used in his youth. "I'd be delighted." was my response.

Enjoying the process as much as the fulfillment, I decided to document the steps from board feet to bed feet. I hope Naia (Zach and Maria's beautiful new baby) will someday enjoy her "new" bed.

The Bed and ...

The Problem

The Turner's Template

The Prototype

20 Board Feet of 1 x 4 inch Poplar

Cut Up and ...

Glued up



Ready for turning

There's nothing like the smell of woodchips in the morning

A little design change

Measure to duplicate

Transfer the measurement

Set the dimensions and start turning the curves

Mark and Cut the Spindle

Duplicate 3 times

Make a jig and ship them off

Left coast installation

Looking pretty darned good

All stained and waiting.

So that's it. A nice fun way to spend a week doing what we enjoy. I learned that duplicating a design is harder than it looks, but a great challenge. Looking forward to the day Naia is big enough to enjoy her "new" bed.

Ain't retirement grand?



Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship! The photos tell the story well. I'm tickled you and Rick are enjoying this joint bicoastal project. -Naia's mom, Maria

Lucy said...

Thanks Ed for your fabulous woodworking resulting in new life for Zach's old bed. I fondly remember buying the English pine bed in an antique shop for Zach in Seattle, WA after Beth was born in 1976.